Yes, I received the GC's Schedule.  Is it worth the paper it's plotted on?  No.
I'm going to use your schedule instead because it's the only one I can trust.
- Mike P, Public Sector Customer
You bring to your IT projects a level of Project Management that other IT professionals
& contractors claim to have as part & parcel to what they do, but frankly they pale in comparison to what you bring to the table.
- Neal M, Private Sector Customer
The attention to detail and professionalism that you bring to all situations,
some of which are quite contentious, enhances your technique where you are
able to conduct the proceedings in a sensitive-enough way that all parties
stay engaged, and their existing adversarial relationships are not aggravated.

You are truly Customer Sensitive.  The meetings you facilitate are successful
meetings, and THAT is where the real, hard coordination work gets done.
- Janet C, Public Sector Customer
The looks that came across their faces today -- it showed a collective realization of
'OK NOW we all understand what we're heading into' -- the schedule you presented
today was priceless -- it created buy-in and it had the desired effect.
- Todd R, Public Sector Customer
We know the types of high-dollar contracts, tight timeframes, and overall reporting requirements that come with many Project Management Organization (PMO) structures.  Our team performs well in high-pressure environments. is up to the task. 

Several unsolicited Customer Review Comments heard during the course of our projects are compiled on this page.  These quotes are the types of reference checks you can expect to hear about the people working at
From coordinating with vendors to overseeing the installations to scheduling the transfer and reconnection of all computer and phone units, your diligent management ensured a smooth transition for our staff and kept our systems up and running with no disruption in service, for which we are deeply grateful.
- Rebecca R, Private Sector Customer
You are truly Client sensitive.
- Ann A, Private Sector Customer